Two week course recommended for those only with permanent Driving License.

Training details

Week No Training Module Duration
Week 1 Safety rules of driving and practice,Accidents due to Negligence of basic safety rules. Day 1
Basic fundamental of communication mechanism , communication skill and Effective telephonic communication Day 2
Etiquette and customer delighted, Human behavior and customer relations Day 3
NLP to overcome on habit, Healthy habits,Food and nutrition Day 4
CRISIS management. Day 5
Week 2 Overview of transport business in India Day 1
Prospectus of Taxi services in India , Prospectus of taxi pilot services in India. Day 2
Acquisition of taxi on finance, Acquisition of taxi on rent. Day 3
Business process of TEDI Service Pvt. Ltd. Day 4
Registration of taxi and or pilot with TEDI Service Pvt. Ltd. Day 5