01. I am having permanent driving license for LMV, Shall I need to pay complete fees of your course?

Yes, initially at the time of admission you will have to pay full course fees. However, on completion of two weeks driving training and if TEDI driving expert is satisfied with your driving skills ,Rs 500 will be reimbursed. The mode of payment will be an account payee cheque.

02. If I fail the driving skill test, shall I get the certificate and Badge from TEDI?

No, Only after successful completion of all the training modules will TEDI award the certificate and the Badge . However, in such a case trainees training will be extended and an appropriate fees may be charged on a pro-rata basis.
TEDI firmly believe human life is precious and the work of driving is associated with human life, human error comprises unsafe act and unsafe conditions which may lead to cause accident. Our Pilots are precious to TEDI and the society as well. It is TEDI’s commitment of catering world class training to taxi PILOTs.

03. Shall I get a job directly from TEDI?

No, TEDI is a training institute and it will not provide employment directly. However, the commuting service group associated with TEDI will provide an opportunity for employment/business for the Trainees.

4. Do you have any branches other than Nashik?

At present we have the institute only in Nashik, in future we are planning to have centers in Nagpur and Aurangabad.

Do you have any dress code?

Yes,we have a smart dress code for Trainees.

I am having my own taxi and license also I am doing my own business shall I connect my taxi with service group which is associated with TEDI ? Do you have any short time course?

Yes, we do have two week regular term course provision for the candidates who are having permanent license and possessing own or rental taxi. After successful completion of training modules you will be awarded by TEDI badge and certificate. Subsequently, you may connect with service group associated with TEDI.

I am not from Nashik but want to acquire your training course do you have a hostel facility?

No, at present we don’t have our own hostel. You have to make your own arrangement for accommodation.

I have received online provisional admission receipt, when shall I attend the training?

Online provisional admission receipt is an acknowledgement of your submission of documents and payment of course fees. You will be called for interview followed by a test. After qualifying the interview and the special test your admission will be confirmed and subsequently you will be intimated the schedule of training. If the test is not qualified by the candidate his fees will be refunded.

What is special test?

Its a color blindness test.