The commuting (Travel) industry in the country has grown leaps and bounds with many new concepts being put forward by the start-up eco-system. The metros and Tier 1 cities have been exposed to a number of services for commuting in the recent past. There has been a good experience with these services and a number of customers are preferring them over the conventional ones. With competition and the race to capture market share, cost have come down drastically benefitting the customer in return.

The intense competition and pressure to offer services at low costs have resulted in such services either consolidating i.e merging with the market leader or have died a slow dead. Exploring the markets in the Tier 2 cities has also been attempted by market leaders in the business, but the service level and range of operations offered by them has been below satisfactory levels.

There is a twofold problem in development of such services in the tier 2 cities, one the absence of a robust market and the second the paucity of trained human resources. We at ‘Swayamdeep Swavalamban ‘multipurpose trust Nashik are addressing the second problem. By addressing the problem of human resource we believe that the market expansion is only a matter of quality service from such trained pilots.

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