Public transport or commuting (Travel) is witnessing a boom with the advent of the internet and smart phones. IT has revolutionized the commuting service by matching need to resources on a real time basis. GPS assisted routes, third party certified pilots and an accepted ‘fair charging’ for the fare with standardised rate card has made the experience really pleasant. Rise of IT and its literacy up to the lowest rungs of society has been beneficial to all in general.

The services are at different stages of development in the country. As for as the metros are concerned, app based taxis or autos have got a very firm foothold and there is competition now for greater market share, while in the tier 2 towns and cities, they are still in the budding stages of development.

The requirement of honest and trustworthy human resource is the need of society. To train human resources with this requirement in mind is a challenging task. I am confident that TEDI is capable in fulfilling this need in cultivating diligent youth as an honest, trustworthy and sensible taxi pilots. With their superior training and efficient work ethic, I am sure TEDI taxi pilots will win the hearts of the customers and surely provide ‘customer’s delight’ in its true sense.

A taxi pilot training course to train potential pilots in driving, communication & temperament, etiquettes and business principles is the need of an hour and we at ‘Swayamdeep Swavalamban ‘multipurpose trust Nashik are taking a step in this direction.