Be the change you want to see in this world… Mahatma Gandhi

We wish to callourselves as some speck of this idea of Mahatma Gandhi. It is our firm resolve that employment generation cannot be based on benevolence alone, that it should a mutually beneficial and a value adding exercise. The commuting industry in the country has grown leaps and bounds with many new concepts being put forward by the start-up eco-system. We feel that there exists an opportunity to revamp this market space by adding value to commuting. This value addition can be made by improving the service and the experience of commuting.

Trained professionals in the area of public transport wll enhance the experience of commuting. With the amount of saturation and returns expected in this industry, such a training is a challenge. We at swavalamban desire to wrestle with both these challenges.

We are a spirited group of people trying to unite the idea of service and entrepreneurship. With our training wing we will inculcate the basic skills, attitude and expertise in driving trade. Our entrepreneurial model will explore the aspect of higher service levels at marginal costs.

Our Vision

To be a trustworthy trainer in the transport industry.

Our Mission

To develop a pool of well cultured, sensible proficient and trustworthy taxi pilots and manage a taxi network with utmost professionalism and exceptionally service level.

Our Objectives

  1. Establish institutes of repute catering to training of TAXI PILOTS.
  2. Establish network of taxi services for safe , reliable and cost efficient commuting.
  3. To instill a sense of dignity of pride among the people associated with TEDI.
  4. To transpire dignity of labour in the society towards the profession of safe, reliable and cultured commuting practice.
  5. To provide and avenue of reasonable employment for diligent, literate and willing.
  6. To carve energetic youngster into gainfully employable professional.