Module 1

Module 1 is having extensive on hands driving training. The training covers various aspects of the driving like traffic and safety rules, law and regulatory environment governing transport in the Maharashtra region. The training would also provide basics of communication and etiquettes which form the basis of any good business. Another area the module would focus on will be the avenues available for finance and the overview of today’s taxi business scenario.

The regular batches for Module 1 will be starting from 1st September 2018.

Training Duration: 4 Weeks
Training Fees:  ₹.  5000/-
Training details

Week No Training Module Duration
Week 1 Traffic Rules. Day 1
Safety rules of driving and practice. Day 2
Accidents due to Negligence of basic safety rules. Day 2
Technical overview of automobile LMV. Day 3, 4
RTO rules. Day 5
Week 2 Basic fundamental of communication mechanism. Day 1
Types of communication. Day 2
Effective telephonic communication. Day 3
Communication skíll. Day 4
Communication skíll. Day 5
Week 3 Etiquettes and customer delight. Day 1
Human behavior and customer relations. Day 2
NLP to overcome bad habits, developing healthy habits, food and nutrition. Day 3/4
CRISIS management. Day 5
Week 4 Overview of transport business in India. Day 1
Prospect of taxi services in India, prospects of taxi pilot services in India. Day 2
Acquisition of taxi on finance. Day 3
Acquisition of taxi on rent. Day 4
Business process of TEDI Service Pvt. Ltd. Day 4
Registration of taxi and or pilot with TEDI Service Pvt. Ltd. Day 5
Valediction for awarding TEDI certificate. Day 5