Terms and condition

TEDI is a training & service provider initiated under the agies of Swayamdeep Swavlamban Multipurpose Trust. TEDI’s noble intention is to develop well mannered, sensible and trustworthy cab pilots for better customer service. TEDI only provides opportunity of employment as a booking agency for TEDI trained pilots.

While starting any ride TEDI pilot may contact for the vehicle such as tire pressure check, engine oil level, brake condition etc. The pilot may ask for endowing valid Govt. Regulatory documents such as vehicle insurance policy, vehicle registration paper (smart card), PUC etc. After being satisfied with the documents and the vehicles, TEDI pilot will accept the ride. The pilot may refuse the ride if he deems vehicle unfit for driving or in the absence of valid documents. In such a case it is mandatory for the customers to pay minimum charges.

During journey health of TEDI pilots is moral responsibility of customer. Hence, in case of TEDI pilots feels dizziness or tiredness due to long hours ride, he may ask for rest, sleep or medical help. In case of any mishap, accident or unfortunate incident happening despite of all possible precautionary measures