Application for the post of Principal

TEDI , the ‘Transport Entrepreneur Development Institute’ is inviting application for the post of ‘PRINCIPAL’. Interested candidate may apply with confidence by filling the Application form below.

Job description for Course Coordinator (Principal)

  1. Execute the admission process for modules of the training programme.
  2. Marketing, replying to queries & handling FAQ’s for the admission to the training institute.
  3. Administering the finances & accounts of the training institute.
  4. Participating as a member in the board interviewing candidates for admissions.
  5. Co-ordinating with faculties and staff for conducting the courses.
  6. Handling financial matters relating to the salaries and honorarium of the faculties and staff.
  7. RTO activities relating to the driving license awarding of the TEDI pilots.
  8. General overview, upkeep and maintenance of the institutes infrastructure and properties.
  9. Handling audits, obtaining permissions and affiliations for the institutes.
  10. Reporting to the trustees on important matters and keeping them in the loop for decision making.
  11. Oversee the design of courses and their content relevant to the training.
  12. Design of forms and formats for feedback and improvement.
  13. Approach to the various group of companies (Industry, hotel, PSU’s etc.)
  14. Approach to the group of companies to promote TEDI pilot model and cultivate their drivers into sensible well-mannered automobiles pilots.
  15. Conducting exams, declaration of results.
  16. Seeking permission from trust for financial, legal and other important decision.
  17. Seeking govt. schemes of financial aid.

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